Brunnsborrardagen (the Drillers Day) is a traditional meeting place, which has its origin in the meetings of members and suppliers within the Swedish Avanti Drillers Association, the oldest Swedish association of drilling contractors. As the member and supplier meetings quickly grew it was natural to open up a Drillers Day for the entire industry. Avanti has been organizing Brunnsborrardagen since the 90’s, first held at Eurostop in Märsta outside Stockholm, thereafter at Steninge Castle and this year it will take place at the beautiful Wenngarn Castle.

During Brunnsborrardagen you can take part of equipment, services and news within the industry. We are offering you seminars, and an exhibition in and outdoors. This year we collaborate with IGSHPA Sweden and KTH who arrange IGSHPA Research Track 2018, September 18-20, 2018.

Brunnsborrardagen is celebrating 30 years this year and we hope to share this day with you.